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29 August 2016

White paper update

The chapter II. RAW MATERIAL MANUFACTURING_Electrodes with water soluble binders as well as the compressed version Full White Paper of Greenlion compressed have been updated.

20 April 2016

White paper of Greenlion Project including a summary of achievements.

The purpose of the Greenlion  project, co-funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and with an overall budget of €8.6M, was to develop a range of technologies used to design and manufacture high-performance “Greener” li-ion batteries for electric vehicl...

13 November 2015

GREENLION Newsletter nÂș8 available on line

The October 2015 release of the bi-annual project newsletter can be now downloaded from the public Documents section or by clicking HERE. Go take a look!
Since this is the last Newsletter of Greenlion project, this issue focuses on the achieved results during these four yea...

01 September 2015

NEXT!!! Project final meeting and closing Workshop on the 28-29th of October 2015 in San Sebastian (Spain)

Together with the project final review meeting, a public Workshop will be organized to celebrate the closing of Greenlion project. The one-day public Workshop on the 29th of October will include a poster session and several talks on EV batteries. As gathered in the Workshop agenda, the event will tr...